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HGH and Its Abuse by Athletes – Possible Solutions

It is no secret that in the world of sports, any small edge that one can get from performance enhancing drugs could make the difference between a win and a loss. This is one of the reasons of HGH popularity and its’ abuse for nearly 20 years. Athletes the world over are seeking that miracle drug that can enhance their abilities without being detected. This is what they see in HGH. Anabolic steroids have also been used, but because of the ease in which these steroids are detected, it makes steroids less prone to abuse during actual competitions.

Another constant problem that is being faced is that the athletes are constantly bombarded by false advertising claiming that HGH can do this or do that. The claims range from the ability to train harder, to claims of faster recuperation from injuries, to larger and stronger muscles: anything to entice the athlete into buying their product. Oftentimes these products cannot be legally sold without prescription as the FDA is very strict when it comes to the sale and distribution of HGH. In fact, at a Congressional hearing in the U.S. which focused on HGH use by athletes, it was mentioned that the mere sale of HGH for any performance enhancing purposes is illegal.

Part of the solution should be a massive information campaign to show that HGH taken alone is actually ineffective in enhancing performance. What the studies show is that HGH can only be effective when it is taken in conjunction with anabolic steroids. This means that in order to get the maximum effect an athlete must take both at the same time. The trouble with this fact is that as mentioned earlier anabolic steroids can easily be detected, and with a simple urine test you can already get caught. The information campaign could also lay some emphasis on the possible risks and side effects that can result from too much intake of HGH. Some of these are acromelagy, which in layman’s terms is gigantism, increased risk of diabetes, swelling of joints, edema, being more prone to different types of cancer and many others. If this can be done then it would probably dissuade athletes from even thinking about taking HGH.

Of course a large part of the solution would be to develop a HGH test that can actually detect it even long after it has been used. This would definitely result in more athletes avoiding taking it since in all probability they would get caught. Most of the athletes these days who take HGH have little to no fear of being caught since they must already know how ineffective the tests are, or worse, if tests are even conducted in the first place.

With these few tidbits to mull over and think about, it is worth remembering that every day athletes are tempted to take Human Growth Hormone. It is a danger to their health, and at the same time feeds a system where cheating seems to be tolerated. There may be little to no benefit in actual performance, but their mindset is already flawed, since they think that in order to win, they must cheat.

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