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Choosing the Right Supplement Among the Available Weight Loss Supplements

There are a lot of available weight loss supplements in the market today, each one claiming to be the best. But what works for your friends may not work for you, so it is very important that you find out which of these products you should use. How do you do that? You need to inform yourself. Here’s a short guide to the different kinds of weight loss pills.

Prescription weight loss products

Like drugs and other medication, weight loss pills are actually regulated by the food and drug bureau in your country. Among the available weight loss supplements falling in this categroy are Xenical (also known as Orlistat), Meridia ( also called Sibutramine), and Phentermine (also spelled as Fentermine). Prescirption supplements go through a range of tests to determine their effectiveness and to test for health risks and side effects.

Non Prescription Pills – Weight Loss Supplements

Available weight loss supplements falling under the “non-prescription” category can be purchased over the counter. They are not regulated by the food and drug bureau (and if they are, only very minimally – usually with regards only to labeling). Examples of available weight loss supplements available over the counter include Herbalife products, fat-burners, sports supplements, and other such products.

Are they effective?

In some ways, and in some ways, no. If you use an available weight loss supplement under medical supervision and together with a good exercise and diet program, they can be effective. Some say that the effect is short term, though, because the body naturally adjusts to the drugs, making the benefits wear off.

Think about your safety

Remember that some available weight loss supplements – even those that are non-prescription -can also be as powerful (and therefore as dangerous) as drugs. The FDA and many other drug governing bodies around the world have incessantly issued warnings regarding some available weight loss supplements that contain ephedra. Some manufacturers are still using it, though. So before you buy an available weight loss supplement, make sure that it is ephedra-free.


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